We want to make learning propositions that people love and that are effective. In order to do so, we offer a range of services to accommodate our diverse set of clients - from financial institutions and public organizations to universities and media firms. 



Our strong research background is key to identifying user needs, exploring hidden opportunities and to building strategic insights. We use both quantitative and qualitative methods to gather relevant data . The research we conduct is geared towards generating insights that can be acted upon. For an overview of some of our public publications, please see our publications page.



Giving advice and developing concepts is one thing, but implementation is a whole different ballgame. Especially in learning. We take on both advisory and managerial roles to implement the changes that are needed to realize the vision on learning of our clients. From tutoring teachers, building new (social and commercial) business models to setting up new processes to facilitate learning within the organization.  



Based on our insights and hands on approach, ELM also develops tailor-made learning concepts for clients and under our own label. We use various customer-centric methodologies such as design thinking and learner (customer) journeys to develop new concepts for learning. We believe that co-creation with the target users builds commitment and ensures that solutions are actually used. 



In order to share our vision on the future of learning, we give numerous inspirational talks at conferences, business meetings and organizations. Furthermore, we also organize workshops where we combine inspiration with hands on sessions where some of the ideas and tools are shared with the participants. This gives people the opportunity to use the shared insights into their daily practice. For an overview of some of our presentations, please see our presentations page.